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Keep guests coming back again and again by offering a truly distinct experience. With IKnowU, you now have all the information you need to maximize your world class team and delight your guests.

IKnowU is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that offers hoteliers a complete view of their guests. With data harnessed via CORE Middleware integrations, we build unparalleled profiles that allow you to see your guests preferences, behaviors, and desires in a whole new way.

With its consolidated data, IKnowU can sync with your external systems, giving you nimble access to your guest information. This new information allows your teams to leverage existing systems in ways previously unimaginable.

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IKnowU Product overview

IKnowUKey product features

IKnowU is a centralized database of all accessible guest profile information. Updated and maintained in real-time, a two-way sync passes data between your critical hotel systems the the CORE Middleware. Equipped with guest details, preferences, stay history, and lifetime value, IKnowU is the system of record (SOR) for all integrated systems.

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Match, Merge, and Deduplicate guest profiles from across your technology ecosystem, creating a single golden copy. Acting as the system of record (SOR), hotels can consolidate profile data from across various platforms, including the PMS, CRS, Loyalty, F&B and more! With full flexibility, teams can define specific rules within the match & merge engine that determines which profiles get merged and when to trigger the auto-merge functionality.

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Enabled by our robust Auth0 integration, we tied identity management (username and password) to a guest’s profile. Applied to booking engines and brand websites, this allows hoteliers to leverage single sign-on (SSO) functionality, multi-factor authentication, and even social logins via platforms such as Google, Apple and Facebook.

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We've consolidated guest subscription preferences. A centralized view empowers hoteliers to maintain a trusting relationship with your guests, improve marketing initiatives and optimize business performance.

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Communication Center enables you to customize and automate guest messages based on your unique business rules. With messaging capabilities from the point of booking to post-stay and beyond, engaging with your guest has never been easier.

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We stitch all of your guest's event, behavioral, transactional and system-based data together to offer an unparalleled view of their habits, preferences and desires. This data-centric approach allows you to understand each guest and how best to serve them by offering experiences specifically tailored to them.

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Leveraging event, behavioral, transactional & system data, you can create custom or scheduled guest segmentation groups. This allows you to deliver far more personalized messaging and apply a targeted marketing approach to drive engagement and retention.

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As the system of record (SOR), IKnowU’s golden profiles contain all associated profile ID’s from the various systems in your ecosystem.

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