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Leverage your data to go the extra mile and unlock value for your guests. With insights at your staff's fingertips, IAssistU empowers teams with guest-specific facts and information to help craft a truly unique experience.

IAssistU helps your team on the ground and behind the scenes to deliver a personalized experience. Drawing on all available guest data, hotel staff are equipped with an extensive list of preferences and behaviors to help drive meaningful guest interactions.

Built in an easy to use mobile and tablet application, staff at all levels and departments will have access to valuable guest insights. From a guest's favorite wine to the type of pillows they prefer, understanding your customers will allow your team to better serve them and ensure a greater willingness to return.

IAssistUKey product features

Empower your team by giving them the information they need to offer the best possible experience and delight your guests. Drawing on rich first-party profile data, hotel staff now have the insights they need to offer a hyper-targeted experience to your customers.

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The Ireckonu Employee Engagement App leverages machine learning to make smart recommendations based on unique guest profile attributes. From a guest's favorite wine to their unique likes and dislikes, staff have the insights they need to offer an extraordinary experience at their fingertips.

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Distribute the right insights at the right moment based on unique staff functions and responsibilities. Depending on their role, the information they need to successfully delight your customer will vary. We help offer timely and relevant insights unique to each department.


Having insights isn't enough - they need to be actioned. Push notifications help your staff proactively act to execute on the wants and needs of your guests, offering a seamless experience for your customers.

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Guests don't remember days, they remember moments. Get instant feedback from your guests and engage them in real time to build long lasting relationships.