Kiosk Check-In

Frictionless check-in/check-out

Combining tech with high-touch hospitality 

The guest creates the experience

Boundless mobile app functionalities


With excruciating wait times, repetitive welcome speeches, and tremendous manual labor, the check-in/check-out system has become outdated and obslete. It's nearly impossilble to offer a guest a personalized experience if you as a front desk staff member are solely focused on shortening the queue. 

Our groundbreaking kiosk/web mobile app allows guests to seamlessly add upgrades to their stay, request amenities at a glance, and run their own check-in/check-out processes. 

Behind the scenes, hotel staff are able to monitor kiosk efficiency, anticipate expected arrivals and most importantly use their newfound free time to interact with the guests on an interpersonal level. 

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The guest creates while you support. 


Guests finally have the ability to facilitate their own check-in/check-out processes. Our interactive kiosk allows guests to view and confirm their room details, pay for their stay, and check-into their room in under 2 minutes. 


Behind the scenes, hotel staff can view live insights on kiosk terminal usage, current occupancy percentage, and check-in/check-out statistics, never missing an opportunity to innovate or enhance efficicency. 


Check-In from your cab.


Powered by IRECKONU Core, our fully functioning web mobile app is catered specifically to our partners' needs and allows guests' to control almost every aspect of their stay. 


Request extra amenities, upgrade a reservation with a continential breakfast or late check-out, and completely check in/out of your stay all from the web mobile app. 


Functionalities increase with IConnectU, enabling the guests to access and change their room controls, open & close blinds, change the temperature, etc. 

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