Data consolidation from multiple systems

 Access to all integrated data points through API portal

Unlimited available CRS and PMS integration

24/7 support


IRECKONU CORE is the foundation of our product line and includes unlimited PMS, CRS integration, as well as integration into a single operational management platform (ex. HotSOS, Alice).

Focusing on consolidating data from multiple PMS systems, as well as being able to monitor the data gathered in an easy to use, quickly accessible portal.

IRECKONU CORE provides a base level of what Ireckonu offers, enhancing/gathering reports from multiple properties within a client’s hotel chain and centralizing it into one viewable system.

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Don’t miss anything going on in your property!


If for example, you have an automatic confirmation email queued and that system failed to receive the full assignment from the PMS, the e-mail will not be sent. Without Ireckonu’s advanced Monitoring this would go unnoticed, resulting in miscommunication and unsatisfied guests.


Messages, alerts, and notifications are captured and stored within the Ireckonu Monitoring database, easily accessible and viewable to the user. This way, if a system fails, hotel staff will immediately be notified.


Additionally, if your group has integrated a third-party operations platform such as Alice or HotSOS, the Monitoring system can submit tickets to these systems defined as part of the business logic in the setup process.


We are the API for the APIs.


We have built out a complete list of applicable APIs that can be used for anything from building a mobile app to creating your own custom booking flow.


The cloud-based SWAGGER API portal provides a series of JSON based endpoints for all connected Ireckonu CORE integrations. All 3rd party systems you allow access to will be provide endpoint credentials and API usage is tracked by vendor.


One of the most challenging problems within the hospitality space is the ability to view an accurate depiction of your hotel’s systems – from error messages to functioning systems. 


Our live dashboard encompasses all messages, notifications, and hotel data gathered across your entire hotel chain.


With a high-level, multi-property overview, hoteliers have the ability to stay on top of errors or malfunctions, optimize where needed, and keep up with their hotel’s operational efficiency on levels previously unattainable.


Search for a room at any hotel on Google. It’ll take about 3-6 seconds to provide the Availability, Rates, & Inventory (ARI) available for the dates searched. While it doesn’t seem like a long time, those 3-6 seconds deter potential guests from booking a stay and may lead them to book another hotel that provided their ARI faster.


The ARI Caching system will pull and store anywhere from 30-365 days of Availability, Rates, & Inventory (ARI) from the CRS or PMS systems. Those 3-6 seconds reduce to a lightning fast 0.1 second wait time, instantly pulling up the ARI for the dates the guest selected.


Website traffic, guest turnover, and most importantly customer satisfaction will all be enhanced, providing guests with the fastest reservation look-up times possible.


All reservations, all locations.


The Reservation Data Store (Res Store) captures all bookings made in each hotel system into a single data warehouse.


From call-ins to OTA’s, the Res Store gathers all reservation data across an entire hotel property/chain and showcases the data in a live, comprehensive reservations dashboard.

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