One, consolidated guest profile

Auth0 integration for username/password management

Automatic match, merging, and de-duping of profiles from all integrated systems

Enriching profiles with data from over 70+ integrated social media sources globally


IKnowU is the gateway of all guest information running in and out of a hotel. The connective features within IKnowU create segmented, specified guest profiles that hold all the relevant information that a hotelier needs to know, from profile ID's, requests and amenities and profile information.

IKnowU's database gives hoteliers the ability to utilize and interpret guest information to provide a unique, one-of-a-kind guest experience.

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A guest’s reservation information can lie within different systems of a hotel property.


Each time a guest makes a reservation, the reservation can live in the PMS, CRS, or other databases depending on who/what took down the reservation information, meaning there could be different guest profiles all with the same information.


Our centralized profile feature consolidates all applicable guest data across these different systems and creates a single profile with all the information gathered.


Admins have the ability to click on any specific guest within their hotel via profile lookup and check for updated information about the guest and their stay to provide a unique stay experience.


Every guest walks their own path through your hotel – wouldn’t it be nice to know why? Imagine being able to talk to the guest about their direct interests and facilitate specific promotions, based on their reason for staying.


 IKnowU's built-in social crawler will pull any social media profiles that are associated with the guests’ email. This newfound data is automatically added to the guests' IKnowU profile.


But, none of the social enrichment information is stored in the IKnowU profile, only crawled and viewable due to the guests’ email address being linked to the public social media page(s).


If a guest makes a reservation online via an OTA, their info is most likely stored within the hotel’s Central Reservation System (CRS). But if that very same guest calls in to check on their reservation, there’s a possibility the front desk can’t find that reservation because they only have access to the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). 


That means two separate profiles are made of the same person, with identical information siloed away within these different systems.


The IKnowU platform comes with an advanced Match & Merge algorithm that automatically cleans and households all profile records in the profile data warehouse.


The Match and Merge platform allows the data admin the ability manually or automatically de-dupe and merge records that fall outside of the defined auto-match and merge criteria.


The IKnowU platform has effectively separated identity management (username and password) from a guest’s profile, allowing hoteliers to provide a guest with options on logging into their profile, as well as changing their credentials without completely creating a new account. 


Due to IKnowU's full integration with Auth0, admins are able to automatically change guest-sensitive information such as email and password, while also selecting which social platforms a guest can use to log into their personal guest profile.

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